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This is a sub-selection from Wiretapping


River Falls, WI
reply to HarveyRabit

Re: Wiretapping

It's not wire tapping because you aren't going to tell them it's wire tapping. Because nobody is going to go smash down their doors and tell them that it's wrong.
Maybe I am merely sheltered to these things, but I have -never- met a single person who was able and willing to actually stand up for their personal freedoms and rights. In this situation, in the best case senario and the only situation that I've seen to hold any action (however incredibly weak those actions may be) a 'customer' will subscribe to someone else's terrible service. That's it!

In the vast majority of the situations, no freeman stands up and does anything about anything even though there is absolute real and necessary reason to do so.

I saw a sign once on a car mechanic shop billboard.

It read,

"Land of the free? Home of the brave?"

South Bend, IN
It should say more appropriately:

"Land of the enslaved, home of the coward".

Broadway, NC
reply to pinjas
Actually, the best sign ever to grace a garage's office wall was the one my best friend's father owned when we we kids:

"A lack of planning on your part does not create an emergency on mine!"

The "freemen" voted for these people time and time again, yet complain when they see them giving exactly what they told them they would get.

Is the coffee strong enough now?
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said by coldmoon:

The "freemen" voted for these people time and time again, yet complain when they see them giving exactly what they told them they would get.

What I don't understand is why the US Amendment XXII only applies to Presidents. What I'm hoping for is an amendment which encompasses Reps and Senators too. Maybe such an amendment could also update XXII so that the LCM of terms would be the limit...in other words, currently, since Senators are 6 yrs, Reps are 2, and Presidents are 4, the limit would be 12 years. But at the same time, I would like to reduce all the terms too, with the justification that society now has the tools to communicate far more rapidly, therefore we're stuck with these rascals too long. Let's say halve all the terms.

Hopefully that'll somewhat alleviate the "vote for people over and over" problem we seem to have for everything BUT the Presidency. Shorter terms would hold all reps/execs more resposible and responsive to their constituents, while retaining the intent of republics to limit mob rule.
English is a difficult enough language to interpret correctly when its rules are followed, let alone when a writer chooses not to follow those rules.

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