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Vernon, BC

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Re: [ALL] Ask ShawSean

said by rustydusty:

Does all the packages on the Business side have the standard ports unblocked. Port 80, 25, etc. Would love to finally run my own mail server, but without port 25, it's a lost cause. Be nice to know once and for all. Also, can I package my digital cable with a business internet service at a residential location without issues?

That's correct, with a business account port 25 outbound isn't limited, so you could run your own mail server. Also, you can package your digital cable and business internet together.

Also, business Internet 50 comes with static, however, business 25 and starter can have a static added for $9.95.
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Port 25 is blocked on all Dynamic IPs.

Static IP is the only way around this and requires a business package.
This is a sub-selection from [ALL] Ask a Shaw Rep