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West Tenness
reply to tshirt

Re: Also adding video game rentals

said by tshirt:

said by 88615298:

No one has brought his up. I've only had streaming never saw the value of renting DVD by mail. Video games would be different. So depending on pricing I might actually get the disc rental now. Hmmm more money for Netflix. Yep Netflix is sure being dumb.

But they could have added games at any time, without the price hike

Oh so netflix should still be renting up to 10 DVDs a month per customer for $2 month? How is that a sustainable business model?

Snohomish, WA
Not at all!
I think (as I said in many other threads) that I belive that some price hike was inevitable and justified (I would have structured and announced it somewhat differently) and games should add a another $4-12 depending on available titles (maybe $7.99 per month , they seem to like that #)

I do think the price hike announcement was less than perfect, and was VERY poorly recieved. (I couldn't figure out why people quit (or claimed to) right away, they had already paid for the rest of the month (NF ToS says NO refunds) my price hike still hasn't taken place (next week is the quit/bill date for me, IF I was planning too).
However this, smells like a panic response (Board says ",DO something!) that was ill planned, basicly in the last 2+ months netflix has"shocked" many of their loyal subs with
Large price increase.
starZ play ends in 6 months
ill announced/explained spinoff, namechange, account changes?

Sound like 3 ways to panic/confuse/wakeup/scare off both existing and future customers, and they did them all at once

and little explaination directly to average joe customer from NETFLIX (most has been fluff for stockholders and the press about how they are changing to improve their business) though pundits have added plenty of hype on both sides of the story.