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Acer A500 Won't Boot Past Desktop Lock Symbol

My wife informed me last night that she thinks our 7 year old daughter somehow 'bricked' her Acer A500. From what vague details she supplied, she suspects that the kid clicked on some popup that was an OS update, probably got impatient that her games weren't appearing and shut off the tablet. That's what we THINK may have happened.
At any rate, she's been working on the problem all night. We got as far as trying to reload the OS update which seems to be in some sort of cache by hitting power and volume buttons simultaneously at power on. Some sort of boot loader operation commences, and then a picture of an 'android' robot logo appears.. a short time later, three yellow bars underneath the 'droid and then a triangle with a yellow "!" in it appears. She could go no further.
We both Googled the problem, but it seems no one knows how to fix it. It's Linux-based and requires a good deal of Linux knowledge to figure out how to push the update images to the correct memory blocks using some sort of terminal software that I'd never heard of before.
Before I tell her to just return the A500 to Costco (she doesn't want to because they don't have any in stock now), I thought I'd ask the geniuses here, just in case I'm missing something of a simpler fix.
Anyone have a 'bricked' A500 and figure out how to restore the OS properly?


Mesa, AZ

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Before losing hope, go to the site below, post what happened and see if someone can help you... do you have a microSD card handy?
»forum.xda-developers.com/forumdi ··· p?f=1133


Etobicoke, ON
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Sounds like you're activating a download mode where you can load a system image.

Instead try to factory reset the unit. Be warned, a factory reset usually erases all data you've added (contacts, downloaded apps, etc.):

»www.hard-reset.com/acer-iconia-t ··· set.html


I've been to the developer forum listed and it was a mix of solutions that didn't work.
My wife took the tablet to work and during her down time, solved the issue. She found the correct OS update dist file and loaded it. Apparently it was much simpler than the developers forum seemed to suggest. Thanks for the suggestions. Fortunately, she figured it out during the course of a 12 hour overnight shift.

Alpha Phoenix
Brooklyn, NY
Your wife rocks!