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Royal Oak, MI

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Re: Wrong Answer

said by pnh102:

Is the FCC going to compensate Cablevision for the expropriation of its private property for public benefit? I didn't think it would either.

Perhaps if content providers were not allowed to own content delivery networks, this would not be an issue, but the FCC is in an oh-so-happy-approve-every-merger mood so we won't be seeing this happen any time soon.

Exactly. The FCC is so worried about competition, yet allowed Comcast to become one of the biggest content providers in the world. If the FCC really wanted true competition, they should have either not allowed the merger or make Comcast sell off it's internet/phone services, while preventing them from withholding content from the new service. Thus allowing for more competition in delivery of content.

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Cheyenne, WY

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This is funny when all of this started people where worried about what at the time was called vertical integration. People warned what would happen if Comcast and Times Warner, etc owned everything from the production companies to the means of getting out it to viewers. Their predictions have come true.
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