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The 60.00$ Tablet

India as done it again

»www.hindustantimes.com/India-doe ··· 078.aspx

Not the IPad . But one you can afford to lose , and still have a big smile .


I always thought the damned things were overpriced...

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reply to gamafarr
Looks like Android of course, but will likey not support any Google products including Market.

Google let Android be open source, to get a quck leg up on Apple, but then once the all the horses out of the barn said OOP's and now no non licensed device has access to Google products.

Really kinda stupid... as they make money off Market licensed or not... Amazon certainly realized that with their market most of the big providers have said screw you Google we will sell where ever we wish... fine pull us... we will do fine on Amazon. The Little guy's haven quite realized they have that power too, and still cow tow to Google. We really don't need you you want to dump us we will do just fine on Amazon... again as the biggies like Angry Birds and TV.com, etc have already done.

If they wanted to be proprietary should have just been from the get go like Apple.... not after all the animals have escaped and try to coral them again.

I mean were all the people at Google not born yet or asleep when IBM made that mistake with the PC?
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Given you can install GA and Market on even a Nook Color and seeing apps like Market Enabler for getting around region and carrier blocks, I am pretty sure the folks at XDA and other places will get it installed and working on this. Then there is Amazon and the lesser-known SlideME(lots of emulator-related stuff that was pulled from the market following a takedown notice from Sony, and much more). The open source aspect allows choice, though you do need to at least root on AT&T to kill the sideloading restriction, which both Amazon and SlideME require.
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