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Error 404 when opening IE

I have five tabs on my startup homepage.
Currently, after rebooting U-verse Motorola modem a few times to troubleshoot another issue, now when I open my home page, three out of the five tabs give me a full-page "Error 404 - Page not found" message. The other two tabs come in with an image of the particular site's home page but with 404 errors embedded in page.
This has happened before but, after a period of time, everything returned to normal. I believe it was overnite so I don't have a specific "recovery time".
The sites are all common such as Google, Bing, HuffPost, etc.
Also, this does not happen every time modem is recycled. It has only happened twice. Doesn't sound like much until you consider I've only had U-verse internet for one week.
I'm hoping that it fixes itself soon (it just happened) as I truly dread getting on the phone and talking to yet another clueless rep.

Does anyone know what is happening here?



Re: Error 404 when opening IE (additional info)

When I'm in one ot the two "semi-working" websites, I can use links inside the site to go to other areas within the site, but it will not allow me to bring up the home page of that site. The Google site is one of the three with full-page 404's where nothing works inside the site.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

John Galt
Forward, March
Happy Camp
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Re: Error 404 when opening IE

Try the dotted IP address for these sites. If that works, then there is a DNS error.

I had the same problem with my provider...their DNS servers were up and down all the time. I changed to and the problem has never resurfaced.

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I have also had U-Verse for on week and I get this message consistantly, it seems to be more on Search Engines like Yahoo and Google. ATT wants to send a Tech to my house for 55.00 to diagnose the problem and I do not feel it's anything I should be charged for.


Springfield, VT
reply to trojwl
"404" is not the same as a domain-not-found error.

"404" is when the server reports a web page being non-existent on the server.


Why would it tell me Google is "non-existent"?


Eastlake, OH
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Clean your cookies, delete browsing history, check the sites blocked on the privacy tab, check the firewall. Chances are great the problem is on your system and not the internet.


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Recreate the problem on a different computer with a differnt web browser.
If you can't then 2nd what Duck stated: factory reset all IE settings and reset all your software firewall settings, or better yet turn it off.

I pretty much did everything suggested.


reply to trojwl
Ok, if you factory reset IE, then you will have to remake your homepage tabs.
When you do this type in the generic name for each homepage so that when the request is sent and the page isn't available (this happens a lot on popular sites) you will resolve/get directed to the working page.
Internet Options/General/hopepage....
Type in: (example)
Etc. In the box... Each on separate lines, then apply.