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This is a sub-selection from No need for USF


Santa Monica, CA
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Re: No need for USF

said by asdfdfdfdfdf :

We don't need another welfare program, just so the "underprivileged" (whatever that means) can access Facebook,
The purpose of the universal service fund isn't to pay for service for the underprivileged. It is, at it says, to get service availability to everyone and to make sure that there aren't drastic differences in services available or extreme disparities in the cost of the same service to different people.

I guess you didn't read the article.


You mean the connect to compete article? If so I'm not a fan of this idea. It is a distraction from doing something substantive about the problem. Still it isn't an argument against the idea of universal service, nor is it the purpose of the universal service fund, which was intended to make sure there was universal access, not universal adoption. The incumbents don't want anything substantive done and are pushing for initiatives that focus on "consumer education" to avoid the fact that we don't have universal service and aren't going to have universal service in the present market.


North East, MD
reply to elray
I just want USF to help me get something. I live in an area that has 0 Wireline broadband options. Comcast is planning a buildout, but it may take over a year if it is approved. I dont care, give them a chunk, so i can actually take advantage of my employers Teleworker program again, and not suffer thru a 3g card giving me 100kbs max.