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reply to rradina

Re: If it's not the network...

"That means someone didn't spend the necessary time on configuration management. "

Is that a statement based on first hand experience or just the ramblings of an arm chair network admin? How can you (or anyone on these forums) make assessments without knowing the facts about what is going on?

Complex products are released everyday that stand the test of time without faults or design issues.

You guys seem to suggest a problem with BREAKING a device in someway, but widespread systemic problems are evidence to some type of hardware or software issue apart from being broken.

Placing the onus squarely on consumers, especially in a widespread seeming systemic problem is just screams incompetence.


I don't know that there is enough data to qualify this as a "widespread systematic" problem.


Chesterfield, MO
reply to battleop
The problem occurred right away. That means there couldn't have been such an influx of iPhone customers as to melt Sprint's network. If their network is melting, then I stand corrected. However, since others seem to suggest that other phones don't have the same slowness, it's more likely an iPhone-specific issue.

Regarding the facts, again you are correct in that we don't have enough. This is speculation but it smells an awful lot like someone didn't test it adequately on Sprint's network. Maybe it's because Apple didn't give Sprint enough time. Maybe it's because someone was careless at Apple and ignored Sprint's test results that cited a problem.

Regardless, the consumer experience is negative since folks on Verizon and AT&T don't seem to be complaining about 4s network speed problems.

I will also admit that I'm giving Sprint the benefit of the doubt in that their network is solid and has sufficient capacity. If not, then there's going to be a lot of unhappy Sprint iPhone users who are already locked into a contract on a slow network.

There's also another possible explanation in that folks may have moved from AT&T to Sprint to save a buck and found out that AT&T's 3G is remarkably faster than Sprint's 3G. That's quite possible but...the basic assumption of this thread is that it's not their network and it's some sort of firmware issue that hopefully will be corrected with an update. If true, then it's a mighty sloppy effort from both Sprint and Apple.