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Common Anime Definitions

Anime Definitions: (Courtesy of Mr. Derek_Wildstar)

Aniparo (AH-nee-pah-roh) - anime parody, a genre in manga and anime where well known characters and stories are used in humorous situations, often unlike the original story or plot; it is a contraction of the English words; see also superdeformed

Anime (AH-nee-may) ? Japanese word for ?animation?. Originally a loan word from the French. Generally used to describe any animated feature created in Japan originally intended for Japanese audiences.

Arigato (AH-ree-gah-toh) ? Japanese for ?thanks?. Modifiers include: arigato gozaimasu (go-ZA-ee-mahss), ?thank you very much? (more formal).

Baka (BAH-kah) ? Japanese word used to insult someone?s intelligence.

Bishojo (BEE-show-joh) ? Japanese for ?pretty young girls?, refers to a genre of stories that feature young girls (Sailor Moon, for example)

Bishonen (BEE-show-nen) ? Japanese for ?pretty young boys?, refers to a genre of stories that feature pretty boys or pretty men. Usually identified as men or boys with very long hair, angular faces and pretty eyes.

Blood types ? Japanese pop-culture belief that one?s blood type is an indication of their overall personality. For example:
A= nervous, introverted, honest, loyal
B= outgoing, optimistic, adventurous
AB= proud, diplomatic, discriminating
O= workaholic, insecure, emotional

Chibi (CHEE-bee) ? Japanese for ?small?, refers to someone who is diminutive in stature or of subordinated status. Also a type of character drawing where the main character is shrunken to a very small size while acting silly or childish.

Dojinshi (DOH-jin-shee) ? Japanese fan magazines; also refers to any art or stories about established anime characters that are created by their fans; also referred to as fan fiction or the abbreviated fanfic.

Ecchi (ESH-ee) ? in colloquial Japanese, it means ?pervert? or ?perversion?. Also used to describe a type of anime that is sexual in nature, similar to pornography. Conventionally, ecchi is more soft-core than hentai, but the terms are often used interchangeably.

Face Fault ? a character losing composure, falling to the ground, or showing total shock at something; an action by a character upon being confronted with a stupid action or event; common in comedy anime, very rare in dramatic or dark anime; see also sweatdrop

Fansub ? a combination of the words ?fan? and ?subtitled?; An unofficial video tape release of an anime that has been subtitled into English by fans. While technically illegal because of copyright issues, fansubbing has been one of the major vehicles for getting translated shows into the hands of Western audiences. Hence, fansub projects are looked upon favorably by veteran anime viewers, provided the fansubbers make no profit off of their projects

Fanfic ? a combination of the words ?fan? and ?fiction?; A work of fiction written by a fan and based on a popular anime or manga title.

Hentai (HEN-tye) ? in colloquial Japanese, it means ?pervert? or ?perversion?. Also used to describe a type of anime that is sexual in nature, similar to pornography. Conventionally, hentai is more hard-core than ecchi, but the terms are often used interchangeably

Japanimation ? an American term for anime, basically a combination of the words ?Japan? and ?animation?.

Kawaii (KAH-wye-ee) ? Japanese word for ?cute?.

Ketsuekigata (KEH-soo-eh-kee-gah-tah) ? Japanese for ?blood type?. In Japanese popular culture, blood type is believed to be related to personality.

Manga (MAHN-gah) ? Japanese word for ?comic book? or ?graphic novel?.

Mecha (MEK-ah) ? term used to describe any anime or manga based upon large mechanical devices; usually robots, androids or armored suits worn by anime characters.

OAV ? see Original Animated Video

Original Animated Video ? a film or series released directly to the market, bypassing cinematic release or broadcast on television.

Otaku (OH-tah-koo) ? 1. (in North America) an anime or manga enthusiast 2. (in Japan) geek; nerd; enthusiast

OVA ? see Original Animated Video

Sensei (sehn-SAY) ? Japanese for ?professor?, used to indicate someone of proficiency or experience in a certain field.

Shojo (SHOW-joh) ? Japanese for ?young girl?.

Shonen (SHOW-nen) ? Japanese for ?young boy?.

Superdeformed ? the drawing of characters in an excessively cute manner with exaggerated facial features and small bodies; usually used in parodies of anime or to make certain characters look kawaii; see also aniparo

Sweatdrop ? a large bead of sweat that appears on the heads of characters in anime, shown as a sign of exasperation or incredulity; common in comedy anime, very rare in dramatic or dark anime; see also face fault

Yaoi ? a genre of anime involving male homosexuality

Yuri ? a genre or anime involving female homosexuality
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I just found this "Otaku Dictionary" site. Figured it would have a good home here with Derek's info.


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