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Aptos, CA

[Availability] No DSL here, but some neighbors have it?

I just moved to a semi-rural property in Aptos, CA. Some people on my street have DSL (according to AT&T's website availability checker), but I do not. Is AT&T's availability checker 100% correct? Is there a knowledgeable person at AT&T capable of helping me figure this out? If my address indeed has no service, what entices them to extend service just a bit more?

From my experience it is not 100% correct. After all this is DSL . The issue you will have is convincing ATT that it might be in error or to at least let you try it. Try to get a knowledgeable person on the phone (or if you appear knowledgeable see if you can be bumped up to level 2) and state your case.


Los Angeles, CA
reply to valenciadude
It even happen for U-Verse.

Check out my thread here:

»Had U-Verse TV & 15Mbps Internet - now no longer available?

Even when I told multiple reps that my next door neighbor (I live in a condo complex) in the same building had U-Verse TV and Internet > 3 Mbps, ALL the reps stand firm that there is NO U-Verse AT ALL in my building. Go figures...


Castro Valley, CA
reply to valenciadude
That happened to me as well a while ago. If you're one of the first in the area to order, you get it, but later on anybody else who tries to order will be refused. Obviously unfair, but I can think of 2 reasons why AT&T would do this:

1) There were only a few "good pairs" left in the telephone circuits in the neighborhood. The remaining pairs are good only enough to hold voice, not DSL.

2) Perhaps in an effort to lessen the customer service complaints that come in, AT&T lowered the attenuation cutoff point at which they will no longer provide service. If they test your line and find the attenuation is high, because you live far away from the CO, they will refuse your order. The existing DSL lines in the neighborhood were ordered before this change was made.

You may find that it's easier to move than to convince them to give you DSL....