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This is a sub-selection from No surprise.....


reply to JasonOD

Re: No surprise.....

You show a fundamental misunderstanding of how much a gigabyte costs to deliver. Oil is a scarce resource whose price is set by wholesalers on a world market.

It costs less than 1 cent for a gig to be delivered to a customer.

Do your research next time please.


Look I know bits does not equal gasoline, but that doesn't get around the fundamental infrastructure costs with delivering more bits. Kind of like filling stations having to install more pumps to meet unlimited demand.


Hazelwood, MO
You are attempting to state that there is a bandwidth crisis and thus they wont be able to serve the customer's needs and thus will have to install more equipment to meet those needs.

The above is not true and if it was, it can be accomplished through regular updates at the current price points (or even less) considering that 1.) Prices for equipment / capacity are constantly falling 2.) They were able to do it after the last upgrade which probably cost a lot more and has probably already pretty much been fully depreciated or seen 100+% return on investment.