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Bryn Mawr, PA
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reply to qworster

Re: Horse hockey!

Yes, with the 8-VSB system we have multipath is a problem-AND it's the TV stations' fault-they could have done what the REST OF THE WORLD did-gone with COFDM modulation. But they got greedy and wanted to save on their power bills, so we got saddled with a known inferior system.

White space will be handled this way:
There will be a database that the white space device will access. The white space unit will have GPS built in, so it knows where it is. Once it knows that, it will access the database and determine where the licensed stations that it needs to protect are located. Finally, it will select a frequency where there is no known problem.

No offense, but if you have to have a setup like this just to pick up the Empire stations then you have made my point for me! With that kind of setup you should be able to pick up not only NYC, but Allentown and Philadelphia as well. I'm sure that you probably used to pick up Empire just fine in analog with but a simple suburban outdoor TV antenna.

fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
Actually I need that setup because I'm 60 miles away from empire. With analog I got some stations on VHF, but little to nothing on UHF with the antenna mounted on a 20 foot pole. Up on the tower, sure it gets a lot better but my experience with analog is about the same as it is with digital.

And yes I do pick up Allentown and Philly rock solid with antennas pointed that way. I even get Binghamton and Albany on occasion.

8VSB is actually just fine for the US, especially given our geography. We are more spread out than Europe. Multipath is not as much of an issue with 6th gen chips. Even 5th gen handles them fine. I have a new LG LED set that works beautifully on ATSC. My HDHomeRun works wonderfully too.

Contrary to popular mythology, ATSC is just fine. But when you cram stations into a much tighter space there is bound to be issues with co-channel and adjacent channel interference. It will get a lot worse when the FCC takes away even more TV spectrum.

As for the databases, I have a feeling that they aren't going to give much of a damn about deep fringe viewers. Their answer will be "talk to the cable company. You'll get more channels."