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This is a sub-selection from [Networking] Online Gaming on HughesNet

Miss Match

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Re: [Networking] Online Gaming on HughesNet

Three minutes isn't bad! Seven or more is the norm for me, if I can even log in.

It's true that Second Life is not bandwidth intensive if you know what to do. From what I understand, the reason it performs so poorly during congested hours is because there's constant communication between Linden Labs' severs and end users, even when it seems idle enough; which makes sense, since the world is kind of "streaming" anyway. Normal satellite latency isn't a problem for this, but it gets all zany and broken during congested hours.

Unfortunately, my "congested hours" are creeping in earlier and lasting later. Sigh. I have the same experience with other things during the 4 to 11 PM trainwreck, and logging into webmail or instant messengers can be as much of a challenge as logging into Second Life. Even basic web browsing is severely affected, and it's not uncommon for websites to load only in a "skeletal" text only appearance, or just time out, during the overcongested hours. It's very frustrating and disappointing.



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Same problem here, and not only with Second Life. From 6pm until 11pm CST, latency can cause up to 3 min lag in local chat. Download speeds can drop to CMDA 1x or below dialup speed, even many txt chat clients cease to work. This mostly happens Sunday through Thursday evenings and has become the norm for the past 3 or 4 months. During this nightly lagfest, if I can log on to Second Life, about all I can do is chat via direct instant messages. Moving becomes impossible, and if I try to sit, my avatar will appear in some off world area of the sim, like 0, 0, -45. In case anyone is wondering, Second Life is not a bandwidth hogging game. Unless you constantly visit simulators not stored in viewer cache and stream high bandwidth audio, it is possible to be logged on all day and not use more than 5% of your daily allowance.
I hope Hughes launches the new satellite soon, because I really have no other option besides dialup. Politicians have been talking about expanding broadband to rural customers for years, but this never happens. Cable, DSL, and cellular companies don't care how long rural America stays in the dark ages of internet.

Modem Model: HN9000


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What about Roblox? Does it work?

Miss Match

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Second Life works pretty well, except during peak hours. SL during peak hours has gotten significantly worse recently, to the point where I'm wondering what's up; I'm chalking it up to higher usage over Thanksgiving week, and hoping it calms down soon, because it's nigh unusable from 5 to 11 PM lately.

Like everything else, really.


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Terraria -- I've found Terraria too discouraging to play. It works sometimes, but yet the lag is just enough to make you die all the time from enemies that aren't actually where they appear.

Minecraft -- I can't play at all during the day. It plays reliably from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m, and I can sometimes get it to play as early as Midnight.

Steam -- I can't connect to Steam most of the day, but isn't that the same with just about everything? I can't even connect to IRC or use Google during a good portion of the day until 11 P.M. I am looking for a fix.


·HughesNet Satell..

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reply to Doc Lithius
I would like to clarify further about how WoW works on Hughesnet. I have the $80 plan and the HN7000S. My upload speeds tend to be slower than dialup and I average around 1200ms latency. I never get below 800ms (and if it ever gets that low it is very early in the morning when hardly anyone is online).

In addition to a delay in actions uploading, I have noticed that there is graphical lag in terms of positions of moving npcs, mobs, and players. On my screen these aforementioned things can appear to be right in front of me (or rather, I can have my character practically inside of them) but the game will report them as being too far away. Despite any speed enhancements on my mount or for my character, I always run/fly/move slower than other players and keeping up can be quite difficult at times.

Even more annoying is the fact that detrimental effects such as stun, fear, daze, blind, etc always last longer than they should. There is a delay in them wearing off-- sometimes up to 10 seconds longer than they should be in effect.

PvP is nearly impossible on my connection unless the people I'm against are lazy or just really suck at pvp. Other players can literally run 20 circles around me before I can so much as get my character to move.

This holds true for any computer I use-- my framerate is consistently 60 to 50fps.

City of Heroes is a game that is completely unplayable on Hughesnet. I couldn't even get logged in at all.

SecondLife did not work. I got in but when I tried to move nothing happened and then I would suddenly fly across the room and hit a wall. This went on for about 30 minutes before I just gave up.

Wizards101 was playable because it is turn based.

Mafia Wars 2 is not really playable as it takes far too long to load and drains far too much bandwidth.

Farmville was playable until recently. In the last couple of weeks I have not been able to get it to load. It also takes more bandwidth to download.

Zombie Lane used to be playable but lately has not been playable at all as it won't load.

Ravenwood and Ravensky load eventually but suck bandwidth away and cause all sorts of errors with "excessive LAN traffic" and "uplink queuing".

EverQuest has a lot of rubberbanding and takes forever to login. Nine times out of ten I get kicked to login screen while trying to login and it takes in excess of five minutes every single time I zone- that is if I don't get disconnected while zoning. I can spend up to 3 hours trying to get back in.

When I played BioShock 2 it wouldn't let me save my game because it required a windows live login, but it timed out every time I tried to login.

In short, Hughesnet sucks and I am desperately seeking a real broadband ISP.

Edit: I forgot to mention that Dungeons & Dragons Online is playable if you don't mind hiccups where you suddenly stop moving and then can start moving again.

Lord of the Rings Online is playable but there is quite a lot of rubberbanding. It makes time sensitive quests rather difficult because you can jump over a hurdle or pass a certain area and suddenly you are popped back behind and have to do it again. Sometimes you may have to jump over a hurdle/wall/etc 5 times before it stops rubberbanding you.