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nice review

of all the negative reviews on this site about hughesnet, yours was actually well thought out and thoroughly explained instead of just useless ranting that is of no help to anyone

It sounds like you just had the unfortunate luck of having a terrible installer and being stuck on a 7000 which is being put on the back burner by hughes nowadays with no way to upgrade to the 9000 series


·HughesNet Satell..
Thanks. I tried to keep it clean and avoid ranting as much as I did on my personal blog post. I find it is more helpful to give specific examples rather than give generalized statements which are not backed up by evidence. I hope my spelling and grammar were not as atrocious as I feel it was. (I know I frequently end my sentences in prepositional phrases).

I left out the experience of calling to try to cancel a site visit because I resolved a problem myself and how the tech on the phone spent 45 minutes trying to figure out what I was saying and then put me on hold to speak with her supervisor, and then finally told me it would be taken care of. But she apparently didn't do something write because the company called to confirm the appointment the next day.

Before that incident, when my modem unregistered itself, I was talking to the lower echelon of tech support and the guy actually snapped at me because what showed up on my screen didn't match what he expected. He kept telling me to "click the little man" on the screen. I kept telling him over and over that there was no little man because the options available to a registered modem were not there. I kept asking for the direct url that I knew for sure had "advanced" in it and it took me 30 minutes to convince him to tell me. Then when I had a question about an option he said "there are no options" and I said "there is a drop-down menu; which option do I choose?" He actually raised his voice and snapped "I know what I'm doing! Just do what I tell you!" and he got impatient because when I did what he said to do it wasn't working and it took a very long time.

When I worked in a computer care center, I never snapped at anyone. I had people yell at me and swear at me about things over which I had no control, but I remained polite.

I will say that there have been some very friendly and nice techs although most of the time they are not able to resolve my issue. I even got some of them to tell me their real names and how the weather was in New Dehli.

I suspect Hughesnet didn't like my review because my bandwidth bucket mysteriously emptied at a rapid pace when nobody in my household was even using the internet.

I know it sounds paranoid, but it seems that it is quite a coincidence that it happened right after I posted a negative review. (My speeds basically dropped in half after I posted a message on the forums stating my intent to find a new ISP. This happened within hours of my posting so it just seems suspicious to me).

Although from the usage page it looks as if the modem is misreporting again. It claimed we were loading 20+Mb in an hour when nobody was even home.

All of the laptops have their wireless turned off when not in use and there are two computers hooked up via ethernet cables that have all automatic updates disabled and all webpages are closed when not in use. We frequently run virus scanners so there are no viruses.

If they try to say anything about someone stealing our wireless, the signal barely reaches all of the rooms in the house and we have a 32 acre farm. The nearest home where someone could tap in is half a mile away and our router is not very powerful. I know the nearest neighbors have Hughesnet as well-- but they have the base plan.

I need to learn how to make my posts shorter and not ramble so much. LOL.


Hughesnet is a waste of equipment.. only allowing less than 200mb every 24 hr's i wouldent waste my anything with this provider... take it from someone who's read the disclaimer and online website


Jay, OK
reply to chances14
Very detailed, well laid out review. I hope you have better luck down the road.


·HughesNet Satell..
This was meant to be a reply to higaintest.

Reading the disclaimer and seeing the website really can't prepare you for the actual experience.

I've been told that if you are not someone who depends on the internet for much and you only use it to sporadically check your e-mail and use mostly text-based pages (and you don't mind waiting a long time for things to load) then it works. But quite frankly, you can use dial-up for that at a much lower price. Dial-up at least won't go out when it rains.

If you have multiple members in the household, like to look at pictures, like to use Facebook (or have family members that like to use facebook), want to play online games, or want to download Youtube videos from time to time, then Hughesnet base plan is not for you. Even if you go with a higher plan, you still can't expect good performance for gaming.

Auburn, CA

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Great review! Great as in well explained version of my experiences with HughesNet. When I first had them, it was DirecPC (1990s) and upload was via dial-up! But, not even DSL was available for me back then in my area. While DirecPC had turned into DirecWay, a while after that (finally!), DSL (PACBELL|SBC\YAHOO|AT&T) came along, which turned out to be horrible (stable, but very slow), yet better than HughesNet, since no FAP\usage meter; and then cable came along, which has been excellent (now Wave Broadband). This was all over the course of many years until right now (w\ cable broadband only recently available & installed; cable TV has been available here since 1980s, though).

The HughesNet FAP makes contemporary interest use almost impossible, unless you barely do anything data-"heavy" online - like substantial work, or school files - or, much Netflix, Pandora, etc.

As an aside, in 1990s dial-up was more usable than it is now, because web sites were built for dial-up speeds and 1990s web development. It's not 100% the case that people have become less patient, since the internet has many more uses (more data) now than dial-up's prime-days. This is all really obvious, but occasionally someone does complain that dial-up should be enough for anyone.