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reply to KoRnGtL15

Re: Facebook now wants your personal phone number....

So does Facebook's "wrongness" exist mainly because they are requiring positive user identification for the services they provide, in contrast to user anonymity expectations in the past or in comparison to other free service-providers on the Internet who may be less demanding of positive ID? (Even though FB's services have sometimes been abused by some users to cause harm to other users, thereby exposing FB to costly legal entanglements as a result.)

Does FB's "wrongness" exist because FB too readily/easily exposes users' private information required for registering accounts to their info-marketing or partnered-search-engine enhancement activities?

Does FB's "wrongness" exist in the entire concept of mining user information of whatever kind to sell to support their business model... or in how they represent (past and present) that aspect of their operations?

Or are there other elements entirely where FB is or should be deemed "wrong" - and, if so, for what reasons?

I'm not trying to be obtuse with all this... merely to zero in on the "why" behind the major complaints about Facebook that stimulate intense responses that I continually observe in forum threads like this.
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Crystal Sky

You've been a member here long enough to understand certain products (remember the great Symantec bashing that went on for years?), sites, etc... seem to be criticized and homed in on for a variety of reasons and FB seems to be the color of the scapegoat this year.

I've had a FB account under an assumed name for a while, and as mentioned several times, there are privacy settings that can be locked down on FB as soon as one registers to cause as little damage as possible. Personally, I've had no problems and never gave any private information.

If users buy credits from FB, yes, then they will have private information, but no more than any other social networking or business site. I would not buy FB credits, but I assume FB has safeguards in place the same as the next guy for any monetary transactions.

Why not register under a nom de plume and do a little research? Use an EU proxy and find out what the fuss is all about. Just don't click any "Like" buttons.

I know you are quite capable of being objective and analytical, so go have some fun and after about a month or so, report back and let's see if you find anything terribly objectionable. If you do, I'll even delete my account!

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you can buy FB credits with cash at any store that sells FB gift cards.