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Re: [Rant] Comcast Maintenance at 2am ends in null-routed subnet

Well I am also experiancing something similar that occurred at the same time. I have a Windows Server 2003 that I am using as my router/gateway with comast. When I have just that machine connected to the internet it works great. As soon as I plug in the other NIC and add my LAN to the network I have internet across the LAN for about 5-10 min then I lose it. At that point I can only ping Comcast's gateway but no further. The tracert also dies at the gateway. After restarting the server box with the LAN disconnected it works again. Reconnect LAN and it dies. Is there possibly something in this upgrade that would be stopping me. I dont understand why, because I am just using a compter as a router in place of a typical one. Any suggestions would be great.

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
That sort of sounds more like a business setup rather then a residental setup with a router, so maybe something is detecting the server OS and raising a red flag? I know that Comcast has been working hard at eliminating businesses using residential service.

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The problem lies with your router, and not with comcast. If your connection works with just the main router box connected, it's good to go. You adding a nic with your LAN connected won't impact the first connection unless it breaks the setup on the OS.
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Did anybody experience any problems over this past weekend in Chicago? I lost internet on Saturday and per Comcast it's my modem. I replaced it and it still didn't want to work. Had to call them a few times and now it's working but my router doesn't work. Replaced it with an old one I had and it kind of works. My PC in the bedroom doesn't want to connect. I thought I got a power spike or something but another coworker had a similar problem.