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Re: Despite no evidence it is healthy?

Not sure what you mean by forever? Infinite, nothing in this universe is infinite. Why do you think Cell Phone and Towers work? Because they emit different then the sun (meaning intensity and level as i may not have been clear or was misspoken in my last post). Just saying.. For a long time people thought smoking was good for you and cured disease.. Red Dye number 9 is so good yumm... That Abestos looks so good it can't be bad.. Just saying long term exposure to things are only measured by time, not theory.


Midlothian, VA
What everyone is saying and you keep missing is that yes indeed the sun is in fact more powerful and produces more radiation of stronger intensity that your home router does. Venturing out into the daylight exposes you to far stronger and known cancer causing radiation.

Its called science and its been proven over and over again.

There is no question on this its not theory or hypothesis. The wave lengths in question supplied by your home router and cell phone simply do not harm the human body or any of its tissues.