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This is all theoretical

The reason FIOS stopped the buildout is simple, their market penetration was too low in existing markets, I'm a lucky one and FIOS is available where I live, and I can tell you this, it's happening but one by one friends and family are switching to FIOS, because they hate the cable companies (Comcast and Cablevision in my area) crappy service, market penetration will increase and it may take a long time years and years before Verizon restarts the deployment but I think it will happen, DOCSIS 3.0 can only go so far, and Verizon above all wants more of customers money, they may settle for a few more LTE customers through cable deals for a few years, but eventually when FIOS market penetration becomes high enough and they are making good money on FIOS, they will continue to deploy to markets that look profitable, Like Boston which never saw a deployment and other places like it.

If your in a rural area though don't expect it even then, I don't think they ever planned to expand there.

Sure, but since Boston is a city in Mass, they could take advantage of the new state "Light Plant" law, start some electric service for the city snowplow yard or something similar, then finance and build a municipal fiber system as part of the "Light Plant." VZ would squawk, but so what.

Result: the biggest city in NE would have the best fiber, and all the economic development, as well a a potful of TV/internet profits, while VZ plays tic-tac-toe on their smartphone keyboards.

John Lenihan


Cleveland, OH
reply to MovieLover76
How do you know their market penetration was too low? They've maintained or increased landline subscriptions despite hemorrhaging DSL subscribers to cable.