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End of line

Powder Springs, GA
reply to JSJarvis

Re: [General] Uninformed UVerse Sales Pitch

I am not really sure what the point of your post is ?

Are you just venting because your angry at people who are being "mis-informed" about things they obviously know nothing about or are you just trying to elevate yourself as to thinking your some kind of "know it all". Infuriated ? Really ?

As far as the caps, you are aware Comcast is doing the same thing, right ? Not sure if TWC is your cable HSI provider in Charlotte or not, so I can't speak for your area.

I am in no way defending the practices, canvasers mis informing customers reg Uverse has been a major PIA for quite sometime, but you can say that about a lot of things about a lot of things, yes I just said that 2x.

Just be nice, it pays off more in the end.


Charlotte, NC

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No, the point of my post is not to be a "know it all". The reason for my post was point out how AT&T is going door-to-door through my neighborhood and is flat out lying about what their service features are. Because I am already an AT&T DSL customer, I know about their caps for both DSL and UVerse and the upgrade/setup fees. What about those in my neighborhood that don't know these things? TWC in Charlotte does not currently have bandwidth caps (not to say that they aren't considering implementing them). What if these sales tactics result in one of my neighbors switching over to UVerse and gets slapped with these fees and cap? It is a bait and switch situation, people told one thing and end up with another. That is what the infuriating part is. It is knowing that they know about the caps, they know about the fees and they are blatantly lying to everyone they speak to just to make a sale. And if it is happening in my neighborhood and in my city, I would say that AT&T has people in other cities doing the exact same thing.