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Pleasant Hill, MO

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Re: [OC] safest OC for a 2500k, on a Asrock p67 extreme4 gen 3?

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Ok, I gave it a shot. Not sure if I did it right, ran prime95 for 20 minutes. does it look ok?



20min of prime is nothing, you also need to make sure you did round off checking, I would for a final run, run at least 12hours of prime.

Just Another Scorpion Mechwarrior
Matawan, NJ
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Well temps look good and so does voltage But like Matt5Z says prime it for a little longer. I donno about 12 Hrs, that might be necessary and it might not. I have read in a number of places if it passes for 2 hours its all good. But i guess a 12 Hr run wouldnt be bad either

PS- after its stable and your satisfied look into offset voltages. Trust me, its the way to go. Why run it at 1.3V all the time if you dont have to?
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Pleasant Hill, MO

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Just after I posted that I did some stuff with offsets voltages. its usually around 1.256-1.264 under a load, and even gaming, unless its minecraft in which case it can go to 1.3 but I attribute that partially to the java VM

edit: here is a pic of what prime 95 does to it voltage wise. no idea, other than the java vm, why minecraft makes it do more. what is the stock voltage anyway? never bothered to check myself before oc'ing, but want to know.