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Clinton Township, MI

Sprint should drop the 10.00 data addon

Ok, they don't throttle. No wait, they do. No, they don't. They have unlimited data. No they don't. They do. They don't. .....

One this is clear. They are charging people 10.00 MORE a month for PREMIUM data usage. They already charged 10.00 more for having a smart phone. Now, as of last Jan, they tacked on 10.00 more. However, I replaced my Samsung Transform with a Motorola Admiral and the store cleark said they were going to charge me 10.00 more for data. However, I have noticed the past month, when I go to download a large file, I'm told it can't and I have to use WiFi to do it. We are talking anything from 8mb and up. I've not did any real testing to see what the size as to be before I have to use WiFi but it still doesn't matter. Why am I paying MORE for data usage and I'm restricted on the file size?


San Jose, CA
iphone on at&t does the same thing - if you try to download over 20mb app from apple store, it will tell you to connect to wifi or download through itunes on your comp and then sync.

Stupid as single 20 min video session on hulu or netflix app will download 10x more than that!