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Lagrangeville, NY
reply to me1212

Re: [OC] safest OC for a 2500k, on a Asrock p67 extreme4 gen 3?

What you are seeing is vdroop, Say you set 1.3, under load, you will see more like 1.25, this is because of as I said vdroop, you are setting the MAX voltage it will *ever* hit, not the load voltage, when the cpu comes on and off load you get spikes as the VRM can not adjust the voltage in .000000000000000000000000001 seconds...

If you are getting errors, you likely need more vcore, core 0 is more hungry for voltage than the others... welcome to overclocking.

Like I said, everyone is saying o I get this that... it all depends ON THE CHIP. Yours might be golden, or it might be meh, or suck for top end overclocking... you will find out as you try to overclock.

1.27 is still pretty low and you have room to bump it up.


Pleasant Hill, MO
Ok, thanks for the info guys. I've got it set to auto right now, not seeing any errors or anything so far, tops out at 1.288V when prime95, 1.32V on minecraft. I can deal with 1.32V, not too bad i've seen some needed 1.34 or more for 4.5Ghz so mines not too bad. I'll play sround wit hthe vdroop and voltage settings. and if the spikes are just from coming off a load and the vrm not adjusting instantly thats fine, beats having it at 1.32V all the time.

my mobo uses different terms for vdroop and llc and so i'll read the manual and see if it says whats what in there.