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Sonic Fusion transition/setup questions

Wiring configuration
Hi all. I'm pretty much about ready to make the jump to Fusion (currently on AT&T DSL) here in San Francisco, about 7700' from the friendly McCoppin St. CO according to the prequal tool, but wanted to ask a few questions about how the transition can work.

I've created the attached diagram of the current setup, which may or may not make everything more confusing. Briefly: The house was originally wired for two phone lines (red and green). Red is the active DSL line and primary voice line, green is connected but no longer has service. When DSL was installed 12 years ago, two additional voice lines (gray and orange) were also installed along with a whole-house single-line DSL splitter. Orange is an active voice line, gray also no longer has service. The primary voice line (red) appears to do an odd loop outside, coming in on the blue pair, through the DSL splitter, going back out to AT&T's underground splitter a couple houses down the sidewalk, and coming back in on the original pair of lines (red/green). The thick black cable into the "new demarc" is a 10-pair run into the house, with a couple of open pairs available in the event we ever need a dozen phone lines. The DSL circuit and the gray/orange lines have their own wiring runs to the modem (ancient Alcatel 1000, still kicking!) upstairs. That's everthing in a nutshell.

So, what I'd like to do is wind up with two-line Fusion service in a way that minimizes the likelihood of downtime and chaos and without massive rewiring. The numbers ported should be the same as those currently used by the red and orange lines. I especially do not want any downtime on the red voice line/DSL, but don't particularly mind if the orange line is out of service for a bit.

Thus my initial thinking is to do the following:
•Purchase and prepare a two-line whole-house ADSL2+ splitter and a two-line ADSL2+ modem.
•Move the orange line to single-line Fusion. Rewire the orange line to pass through the new splitter and use one of the spare pairs to reach the modem.
•Once all is well, move the red line to Fusion, getting two-line service, and rewire the red line to also pass through the new splitter and up to the new modem.

Which brings me to my questions:
•Am I over-thinking this? Is there a better way to accomplish this transition?
•Is it a good idea to do this in two stages as described?
•Is there any problem with the two Fusion lines not being part of the same original pair? In other words, if I have one line on the red pair, does the other one need to be on the green pair for some reason?
•Anything else I'm missing here?

Thanks for any advice you may have! Very much looking forward to making the switch to Sonic. --zach


Castro Valley, CA
I think if you want to get bonded Fusion, you need to have both lines provisioned at the same time. Since you need to have both lines' numbers ported, your existing lines will be affected with maybe an hours' worth of downtime. I can't say for sure since bonded Fusion may take longer to cut over.

Sunnyvale, CA
said by klui:

I think if you want to get bonded Fusion, you need to have both lines provisioned at the same time.

While it is possible to order single line Fusion and later upgrade to bonded Fusion, it may require to disconnect and reconnect the first Fusion line if there are no spare ports on that particular line card. For bonded Fusion both phone lines need to terminate at ports on the same line card.

If the goal is bonded Fusion, it is strongly recommended that both lines are ordered at the same time. I wanted to play it safe with one line at a time too, but ended up ordering both at the same time after feedback from this forum.

Sonic support says to allow up to 2 hours for the switching but it seems that 30 minutes is typical.

Order the dual-line ADSL2+ modem from Sonic at the same time as you order bonded Fusion and it will be shipped before your switch date.

When switching over an existing AT&T landline (regardless whether it has DSL or not) the Sonic Fusion service will come to your home on the same pair as the current service.
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