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Norwalk, CT
reply to signmeuptoo

Re: Any nook owners here I can PM with? Just rooted mine.

said by signmeuptoo:

I am so in love with this thing I slept with it next to me......

I just got a nook too. I had a Pandigital ereader which was under powered to put it mildly. I went from wanting a color reader to buying the nook tablet in about 10 ms. Now when my wife wants to sleep early, i simply open the nook, and read. I love it! I indulge my appetite for good lit rather than staring at the boob tube. Project Gutenberg has a lot of free books. I've heard of rooting my Pandigital Ereader but haven't tried it yet. I'd like to sell it to defray what i just paid for my nook. I see I can learn a lot in this forum. I've never heard of calibre. I just learned how nook controls the apps you can download. I guess there are already schemes on how to get around this. Cheers!

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I rooted my Pandigital Novel a while ago. Go to the SlateDroid forums for information. They have extensive Wikis set up about it. The software I used to root mine is no longer being developed, so I can't advise you on what the best one of the current crop of rooting software is the best now. But by rooting the Pandigital I've now got an poor-man's Android tablet and I was able to download Kindle for Android on it and now can buy and read Kindle books from Amazon without having to go through the DRM-stripping/format conversion process. I find with the Pandigital, it's easier to read ebooks for extended periods of time if you shift the text to white letters on a black background. A rooted Pandigital in no way, shape, or form, compares to having an iPad, but it's one of the cheapest ways to get an Android tablet.

Make sure that you know exactly which version of the Pandigital Novel (the darn color - black or white - even makes difference) since their internals differ, before you try any type of changes to it. This is very important otherwise you can easily brick it.

@ signmeuptoo - I bought a cheap $10 LED lamp from IKEA that is perfect for lighting up an e-ink reader at night. It's not available online, but maybe you can look for something similar where you're at.

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