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Glen Burnie, MD
reply to Jason Levine

Re: I apologise ...

said by Jason Levine:

I called Gillibrand's office today and spoke with someone who told me that she understands there are some concerns with PIPA but will work to improve it. The problem? PIPA goes for a vote next week. Not a lot of time to shore up its problems.

I was just watching the Republican debate and found myself agreeing with Gingrich. It's about the only issue I agree with him on, so it was insanely weird to find myself applauding his stance. Meanwhile, I'm against the position of my Democrat senators.

I think I just saw a flying pig!

Working to improve it? Is this like Obamacare? Let's pass something we cannot read and then improve it later.

Even President Teleprompter knew to pull his support publicly because of all the backlash but Harry Reid is still trying to save face with this one. The entertainment industry has been big fans of the liberal side of the hall but these bills show an almost disdain for the very people that keep them rich (their customers.)

This bill is not going anywhere even if it does pass the Senate because the House knows better than to help Harry Reid.

Jason Levine
I completely agree. You can't simply "plug the holes" on SOPA/PIPA. They're too fatally flawed. We need to kill them right now. *If* we need legislation (and I'm not fully convinced we do), we need to start from scratch and this time have the tech companies engaged in the process instead of shutting any anti-SOPA folks out.
-Jason Levine


Glen Burnie, MD
Make no mistake, legislation is needed. We also need to enforce the legislation already out there.

It's funny how I see people selling obviously pirated DVDs on the street. These are the real bad camcorder versions of movies. And yet, the cops do not arrest them for selling counterfeit material. They do more harm than the digital pirates and actually profit highly off of it.