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Bowmanville, ON
reply to Tracer6

Re: [TV] Downgrade to Analogue

I'm still researching ways to view a similar channel set from an alternate source - like a dish with two tuners. My Extended Basic Plan with Rogers has a few channels I want to maintain - like Turner Classic and Space. Will they be kept if I attach their digital box? I don't know. Their letter requesting that I drive to a store and pick up the box lacked such information.
Here's the Extended Basic line-up for Ajax/PineRidge as of Jan 12, 2012.

2 TVOntario (TVO - CICA)
3 Global Toronto (CIII)
5 CBS Buffalo (WIVB)
6 CBC Toronto (CBLT)
7 Citytv Toronto
8 CTV Toronto (CTVTO)
9 CTS (Crossroads Television System)
10 Rogers TV
12 CBC Oshawa (Channel 12 CHEX TV Durham)
13 SRC Toronto (CBLFT)
14 OMNI.2
15 PBS Buffalo (WNED)
17 NBC Buffalo (WGRZ)
18 ABC Buffalo (WKBW)
19 The Shopping Channel (tSc)
20 CTV Two Toronto
21 ShopTV Canada
22 Sportsnet Ontario
23 The Weather Network
24 CablePulse24
25 YTV (East)
26 CBC Newsworld/Voiceprint (SAP)
27 W Network (East)
28 FOX Buffalo (WUTV)
29 MuchMusic
30 TSN (The Sports Network)
31 A&E
32 Spike TV
33 CNN (Cable News Network)
34 TLC (The Learning Channel)
35 Telelatino (TLN - East)
36 MuchMoreMusic
37 BBC World News
38 CMT Canada (Country Music Television)
39 Showcase (East)
40 Bravo! NewStyleArtsChannel
41 Slice
42 Discovery Channel
43 History Television
44 Comedy Network (East)
45 Teletoon (East)
46 HGTV Canada (Home & Garden Television)
47 Peachtree TV
48 Turner Classic Movies
49 BET (Black Entertainment Television)
50 SPACE: The Imagination Station
51 Family Channel (East)
52 MTV
53 The Score
54 TVtropolis (East)
55 American Movie Classics
56 Food Network
57 BNN (Business News Network)
58 Outdoor Life Network (OLN)
60 VisionTV
61 PBS Buffalo (WNED)
62 CTV News Channel
63 Treehouse
64 TV Guide
70 APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network)
95 TVA Montreal (CFTM)
96 RDI
97 CPAC (Cable Public Affairs Channel)
105 now fuzz
129 Ontario Legislature


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St Thomas, ON
reply to Tracer6
> Here's the Extended Basic line-up for Ajax/PineRidge as of Jan 12, 2012.

My channel lineup here in London looks very similar to yours - about a dozen channels are in different locations, you seem to have 2 shopping channels (we don't have ShopTV Canada). I don't think we get BET either.

What are you paying for that package?

Im paying $69.65 (total cost including all taxes). I have that analog-only package, nothing digital, I rent no boxes or other equipment from Rogers.


Bowmanville, ON
My Extended Basic Rogers package will go to $67.72, starting March, from the current $64.68.
The basic service will be $38.04 from $36.01.
Since about 1977, cable rates have gone from about 33 cents a day to about $2.40 (extras and taxes on top). Granted, there are more channels (some of which I watch), and the picture is good except for a couple of low analogue channels. But I've tried my over the air tuner with rabbit ears, and the signal is pretty good. Here, on the edge of Lake Ontario, there appear to be enough channels to interst me in switching to free tv. With a tower and antenna rotor, I'm thinking more American signals will get through.

Chuck sTruck

reply to sm5w2
You can always use channel block for the BET channel. That's what i do. I'd like to pretend the GD channel didn't exist in the first place.

Mr. Wireless

whats the GD channel?