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Family plans

It's a very interesting model. The costs are very reasonable, and everything is shared, which is the big deal. The biggest shocker that's buried in there is that their Canadian pricing is reasonable, it's $.15/min and free for texting, although the data is $.50/MB, which is bad, but not as bad as AT&T's astronomical $19/MB.

Yes, the data is theoretically expensive per unit volume. However, for a family who doesn't stream a lot of media, and just uses apps and web, and can wifi offload at home, the pricing is fantastic. You can add as many lines as you want to the 3GB for $60, but with Verizon, having 5 lines with data is a minimum of $100/mo, even with minimal data usage (300MB/line). Given that the average user is around 400MB/mo, this makes perfect sense.

The coverage for voice and text is also excellent, since they roam on Verizon. After Network Vision, this might be a compelling plan. The up-front costs of the phone are actually hugely offset by the savings. The only huge caveat is that you won't have data in many areas while traveling, since they do not offer data coverage on Verizon CDMA. It would be nice if they could at least get 1x roaming on Verizon, even if for a little extra fee.

One disappointing thing is that it appears that the Photon and Detail do not support SMR, but that the Samsung Conquer does.


Thats the thing, you basically buy the phone outright and still pay $6 per month, that is pretty good, but why not just buy the iphone outright and bring it over to ting? They should be able to hook it up.


As of right now, we don't know if Ting will do BYOD. I'm guess not, as Sprint doesn't do it.