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reply to FairPlay

Re: [Scam] Card Services relentless phone calls revisited

said by FairPlay :

I didn't spend $$$ on phonetray, and yes, it works for me. I don't have to waste my time. I have it set to answer these calls after one ring, play a variety of messages back at them, then disconnect. Also know what the SIT tone is. phonetray will reproduce it, then disconnect the call.

Either way, they usually get the message and stop calling.

My mistake, Fairplay.. I misunderstood your reply to me saying other programs (phonetray) can "take it a step further and allow you to zap these calls." as if it was doing something different than CITs.

BtW, "phonetray" is not free past 30 day trial now, even though you didn't pay for it when you got it - others reading this would have to.




once again... my fingers knows not what my brain does.


reply to JALevinworth
Check the phonetray site. There is still a free version that has fewer features than the pay version. Works for me. As I explained, it allows you to track the numbers and "zap" the calls, either manually or automatically. When I get an unrecognized number, I run it through the various sites online, such as whocalled.us or 800notes, see what it is, and then put it on my zap list with an appropriate message. If I've answered a call myself, and let them know that I'm on the DNC, and tell them to add me to their list, I also add that number and let it play a message that repeats that they need to remove my number from their list. Most calls that I have personally answered ignore my request and just continue to call back, so this is what they get. Turnabout is fairplay!

Just trying to provide an option for others who don't want to talk to these scammers. I know that there are new rules going into effect about robo-calls, but it will never stop the scammers.