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Naperville, IL
reply to scott314

Re: No m-card in columbus ohio

said by scott314:


I believe I am having the same modem problem as highfigh0. I am on the 30/3 plan. My downstream is consistently around 30Mb/s, but my upstream never seems to test above 1.8Mb/s. Is there any way you could work your magic on my modem as well?

The tech that came out to do my DOCSIS 3.0 upgrade was aware there was an issue, but he was not able to solve my problem. I was told his supervisor would follow-up with me, but I never heard from anyone. This was around Christmas time though, so I assume I got lost in the shuffle.

The US and DS lights on my new Arris modem are amber, which the tech thought might indicate a problem with the channel bonding.



Shoot me your account number or phone number on your account in a message or email, and I can take a look at it tomorrow.
Dan Della Terza
WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone
Network Operations Center


I PM'd you that information. Thanks for looking into it for me!



And 30 minutes later it is fixed! Simply outstanding customer service. Thanks Dan!


said by scott314:

And 30 minutes later it is fixed! Simply outstanding customer service. Thanks Dan!

I love that Dan is able to solve problems for people who know enough to come here.

But why don't WOW techs and/or customer service know how to handle issues like this? Almost two months ago a tech told you he couldn't solve it.

Until I found this site I would have followed normal channels when I had a problem. And most likely they would not have been resolved.


To be fair, I think the technicians that come out to the house are limited in what they are able to do. He was very helpful and surprisingly knowledgeable, but he wasn't able to get anyone on the phone who could help him troubleshoot my issue. He was going to get someone out to measure the signal levels at the tap, but I think that request got lost in the Christmas shuffle.

If this had been a more pressing issue, I would have followed up sooner.

I am glad I was able to get Dan's attention since he was able to ultimately solve my issue, but everyone I have dealt with at WoW has been top notch in my opinion.