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Weirton, WV
reply to Winchester

Re: [DVR] HD DVR fuctionality changed after switch to XFinity

if u power it off won't it stop recording?


Houston, TX
said by mikedz4:

if u power it off won't it stop recording?

The following quote is a post extract from Comcast's Ted Hodgins "New Guide for Scientific Atlanta Cable Boxes" blog:

Hello Mr. Madeiros and thanks for your comments and questions.

The current default power on channel would be whatever the last channel the cable box was tuned to before it was turned off. You can also leave the cable box on and turn the TV off. The "turn on" channel is a feature that is definitely in an upcoming guide release coming to several areas later this year. The turn on channel would be selectable for each cable box.

You don't have to leave the DVR on to record. It will turn on and record if it is turned off. You do need to leave the DVR on if there is a recording in progress. The previous on-screen guide software did allow you to turn the DVR box off (it actually went into standby) when you were recording a program, the new guide software does not. This is certainly a slight change in behavior and in line with what the majority of our customers are used to and have in their home today.

You can certainly leave the cable box on and the TV off when recording programs. If you leave your cable box off, it will turn on to record according to what you have scheduled. With the new on-screen guide, when you attempt to turn off the cable box while a DVR recording is in progress, an on-screen message appears that says the following: "A recording is in progress. Turning off your cable box will stop all recordings in progress." There are two options presented on-screen underneath this message.
1. Continue recording, leave cable box on
2. Stop recording, turn cable box off.

You can chose one of those options. If no selection is chosen the on-screen message will time out and the DVR will continue to record. Leaving the DVR on allows for your cable box to easily get software and firmware updates as well as updated TV listings. This should not significantly impact the lifespan of the cable box or the hard drive. A lot of our customers leave the DVR on and turn the TV off.

. . .

Ted Hodgins replied to comment from Manuel Madeiros | June 20, 2011 3:54 PM

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The Q

Collegeville, PA
that's the way my motorola dvr has always worked.