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Cote Saint-Luc, QC
reply to eboxnat

Re: Electronic Box pricing for 2012

said by eboxnat:

Another DSLr-er has this same opinion but it was not a popular one, we do not think it is fair to have all of our clients pay more for the very few that either already have a modem or want to find a deal elsewhere.

Sorry that we do not agree with you :P

I think the last guy had a different suggestion. What the above poster is suggesting (and I agree) is to change how the pricing is shown. In the end, it will all still be the same pricing.

Here are some examples.

Current own modem installation costs: $50 + $20 = $70
Suggested own modem installation costs: $70
Current D2 modem installation costs: $50 + $75 (+$15) = $125 ($140)
Suggested D2 modem installation costs: $70 + $55 (+$15) = $125 ($140)
Current D3 modem installation costs: $50 + $99 (+$15) = $149 ($164)
Suggested D3 modem installation costs: $70 + $79 (+$15) = $149 ($164)

Also, on a sort of related note, since there still isn't a database to file bug reports, I'll post it here.
On the cable page, clicking on the "Details" tab for Speedcable Extreme 15/30/60 shows that you can buy a Standard modem (D2) for $75. I guess a D2 modem can technically work at 15 or 30 Mbps, although it'll likely be a bit slow and get your neighbours a little annoyed with you.


Quebec, QC

sorry if I wasn't clear

grunze510 got my idea right.

Pointe-Claire, QC

I would suggest instead:

Installation only: $70
Installation + D2 modem: $125
Installation + D3 modem: $149

Shipping for new modem: $15.00

You should also put instructions on how users can check if they actually own a modem.

Personally, I might also just remove docsis2 modems from the list and put it in fine print at bottom of page "older docsis2 modems allowing speeds on up to 10mbps (or whatever) are available for $125 with installation).