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Utica, MI
reply to dib22

Re: Clearwire is a captive of Sprint's plans

Anyone have a ballpark figure on the value of Clearwire's spectrum in 2012?

Tavistock NJ
said by mix:

Anyone have a ballpark figure on the value of Clearwire's spectrum in 2012?


Clearwire holds over 100 MHz in every major U.S. market. To put that in perspective, that’s more than five times what AT&T and Verizon are using to launch their current ultra-fast LTE networks. With that kind of capacity, Sprint conceivably could continue to offer unlimited smartphone data plans well into the future, while its competitors struggle to limit their customer’s usage.

If Sprint were to tap into a future Clearwire TD-LTE network, it would have capacity to burn. Clearwire can feasibly launch an LTE network with 40 MHz of bandwidth, double what AT&T and Verizon offer today — and Clearwire has plenty more room to grow.

What is 100 mhz of nationwide spectrum worth? Easily billions. Sprint needs to keep control of this spectrum if they want to compete with AT&T & Verizon.
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Jamaica, NY
reply to mix
Clearwire doesn't own spectrum, it leases it from educational and non-profits. Clearwire's spectrum is EBS/BRS bands.



Sandy, UT
reply to FFH5
Baloney. It's lousy spectrum. It can't even go through 2 walls and it uses so much juice it drains a battery in minutes (which makes it lousy for cellphones but OK for fixed wireless). In auction I'd be surprised if they got even 10% of the value of the Class C block. Why would Sprint basically rebuild their entire network if the Clearwire spectrum was worth anything (keep in mind clearwire has all new towers and 100G fiber hookups to the towers).