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Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ

Internet spying laws....

I do find it funny how they think it will help them catch people who have made it part of their criminal background to avoid the police.

And the same bills will make it harder for the FBI to find said groups of criminals because they will be driven to stronger encryption. Kiddie porn creators might even go back to Sneakernet. They sell these bills like they will somehow replace good old fashioned police work. its good cops doing their job even if it means looking at mentally straining images(child porn) that stops these criminals or who risk their lives to go undercover(terrorism, child porn and money laundering), not new spying laws.
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Noah Vail
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How New Internet Spying Laws Will Actually Enable Stalkers, Spam

An excellent, and excellently written article on how this round of Gov protectionism is on course to cause far more harm than good.

It'll be a surprise each and every fool who trusts Big Media to deliver their news.
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reply to Kearnstd

Re: Internet spying laws....

Mentally straining images? Probably 90% of porn they look at is legal, and of the other 10%, 90% are pictures taken by 15-year-old girls for their boyfriends. Law enforcement mostly just abuses and terrorizes the populace with little effect on actual crime. Laws are as broad as possible to produce more criminals and create millions of government jobs.