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CIK Telecom? Reliable?

I think this would be the right place to but it. Anyhow, I got done reading this thread: »Does anyone know about the company, CIK?

CIK Telecom is providing me 18Mbps dl speed and unlimited bandwidth for $39.99 as well as home phone services which seems like a steal. But its nearly too good to be true. So I did some researching and came to the above topic. When I was on the phone on them they said "No, we never have downtime and are always up" (paraphrasing of course).

So after I found out in the above topic that they are resellers using TekSavvys infrastructure etc. So I got some questions.

1) If they are using TekSavvy to provide me internet, they MUST have downtime right? If TekSavvy is having downtime [which it does] doesn't that mean CIK telecom will also have downtime?

2) The modems required are either a Motorola SB5101/5101N or a Thomson DCM425, DOCSIS 2.0. Are these even capable of handling 18Mbps?

3) What are some other peoples experience with them? Or what have you heard about them?

I would have gone with TekSavvy a long time ago but at the time users in the city of Brampton had a downtime of multiple weeks and going which scared me off.

Nepean, ON
1. Yes
2. Yes, Docsis 2 can do up to 38Mbps.
3. Don't know.

Teddy Boom
k kudos Received
Toronto, ON
reply to Mirin
Everybody has down time, saying no is just silly. If they are a Teksavvy wholesaler, the service level will be exactly the same as Teksavvy's.

I was asking about them just the other day in the Canadian Broadband forums:
»CIK Telecom advertising GTA cable service
Of course I'd forgotten what Rocky said in the thread you linked..

The real question is, why/how are they offering 50mbit/s cable? If Teksavvy wholesalers have it, why not Teksavvy core customers? CIK is not above misleading on the speeds they have available, as seen in this RFD thread:
»forums.redflagdeals.com/avoid-ci ··· -856942/


Scarborough, ON
reply to Mirin
Could a TSI representative chime in here about their 50Mbit package? They're either blatantly lying or TSI is able to offer higher tiers to resellers.


York, ON
reply to Mirin
I'd say according to this review you should stay far away.

»forums.redflagdeals.com/avoid-ci ··· -856942/