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The Q

Collegeville, PA
reply to HELPmePLEASE

Re: [VOD] Preferred Collection

said by HELPmePLEASE :

So this large selection of "free" movies will be replaced with something that we will be given the pleasure of paying extra for.

That sounds about right.

I have Streampix now on my TV screen and also still see the Free Movies category. I think most customers would qualify to get streampix included (I don't pay any extra for it).

Schaumburg, IL
Most? You must have a higher-end Internet or TV package. I only have Preferred TV and Performance Internet (mid-level). I don't believe it's included in that. Many people may only have Digital Starter TV, or even basic.

Lincroft, NJ
From chewch99's post in this thread (»[VOD] Preferred Collection), you must have "HD Preferred Plus" service or better for it to be included without any extra cost.

reply to The Q

You don't pay any "extra" for the Streampix in the way of a separate fee listed under Additional Xfinity TV Services on your bill, but your overall bill is higher than us lesser people that don't have your level of a triple-play bundle or higher.

That's like saying the HD Complete bundle has a free DVR; but does it really when your bill is at the very LEAST $206.99/month?