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Calgary, AB

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Re: "Smoked by Windows Phone" ads go live today!

said by howardfine:

Just as I thought. Pitting a Windows phone expert up against some guy off the street. Then showing 1-second cuts from these "competitions". What were the rules? They showed one person using Siri (with ATT's slow network?) but never showed Android and Google Maps searching for directions. Their video is nothing but a 2-minute ad and not showing any results from a test. All typical Microsoft trickery.

What you have to be an vendor expert to use your Android or Apple phone, how sad and perhaps a testimonial to their poor design, plus Ben isn't the one deciding on what the race will be, so likely he is at a disadvantage given its something the competitor does everyday.

Have you looked into the rules of Smoked by a Windows phone, I very much doubt it as then you would know they are both using the same network. From Ben's Blog ( »windowsteamblog.com/windows_phon···one.aspx )


1) The great news for you as a challenger is that I’m not going to force you into a specific scenario; we’ll make the call together based on the things that you do every day on your smartphone.

2) Once we have that set, we’ll connect to one of my mobile hotspots so we both have equal network footing.

3) Even if you lose, there’s probably something pretty great in it for you. Trust me.

4) Windows Phone users aren’t eligible to enter. I already know how fast your phone is.

Sorry the Windows Phone is for real and denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

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Saint Louis, MO

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You're ignoring what I said. They're using the old magician's trick of controlling the environment. Imagine walking into a Disney store. They put a camera in front of you with all the lights, a slick talking moderator comes along and tells you to name all the Dwarves before he does. You're friends are off to the side snickering at you along with tens of other shoppers watching you. How quick do you name even one dwarf much less all of them?

And then there's the ability to force the issue. Sure, he might let you pick the task but how much redirection does he do?

I know about this cause I was involved in the TV business for 12 years and saw these tricks pulled all the time. Then I was on the advertising board for a major restaurant chain for two years. They'll print the rules and make it all look legit, and it is, but they are in control and they know how it will turn out (generally. They're not showing you the failed ones).

If iPhone beats Windows doing the same task, and they don't show it, what does that mean? You won't know and they're not tellling you. Which brings up another trick of trying to "prove a negative" which can't be done.

So a better test would be an actual user vs user competition.