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Re: Ugly cellphone antennas speed up service but irk homeowners

said by Jack_in_VA:

said by StepR:

Ugly cellphone antennas speed up service but irk homeowners

AT&T Mobility first approached Hinsdale in late 2011 to get permits to place the nodes on utility poles in the village. The company didn't need to do so because the poles were on right-of-ways, but it reached out to the village as a courtesy. The village, in turn, issued the permits shortly thereafter, officials said.

I don't understand something here. If they didn't need a permit then how did they apply for a permit that did not exist and how did a permit (that did not exist) be issued?

This installation looks like crap and I would be upset too. A tower or fake tree would be much better IMO.

the same fight is happening in my town a new player public mobile has put up a few low towers that didnt need permitting because they were just under the requirements, but now the city is upset that the company didnt pass by it first as a courtesy



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People never cease to amaze me. They like to bitch and moan about Verizon and AT&T are these great huge companies that rule everything. Then when someone comes along to compete with them they bitch and moan about them too.

No the City is upset that they didn't get their cut of the action.
I do not, have not, and will not work for AT&T/Comcast/Verizon/Charter or similar sized company.


These antenna's are not on yet, I have currently AT&T and have one of these DAS poles next to my house and my Iphone has 4 bars of reception. What do you mean we want service but not poles next to our houses? no one should have a cell antenna's next to their houses they depreciate the value of homes 5 to 10 % according to most real estate articles. AT&T is not paying us this money back; furthermore, I have very good reception currently. How about looking at these designs closer and ensuring they are placed were needed? and in the best locations?

North, VA
Did you consider you have very good reception because an antenna is next to someone's house?

You can bet the companies are not going to spend money on antennas unless they've done the engineering.

Everybody wants cell service but some don't want the equipment that provides it anywhere near them.