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North Tonawanda, NY
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Re: Dumb users

I understand and fully agree, which was why I made my statement. Many of the DSL modems can have their router functions shut off, and even if they do, they often have only one port so users don't connect additional devices to them already. My own experience with the router in a Westell modem from Verizon is that they work, but if you throw torrents at them the modem will load down a little bit.

Like a flea circus at a dog show

Quincy, MA
I'm still on 3Mb VZDSL. While I'd love FIOS, there's none to be had. Yet, a friend in adjacent Braintree is rocking on it!


You can't get cable? Cable now is most often around 12-15mbps on the lowest tier. Comcast is pretty solid, they have a tier that's reasonably priced (maybe $65 bundled) that's like ~24mbps down. The downside to cable is the uploads aren't that great, although they are a lot better than they were a few years back.

@norbert26: They don't have to install stuff on your computer, and you can use your own router, in a variety of different configurations with or without theirs (although you have to use theirs at some level if you use their STBs. you could go all on your own with cablecard DVR(s) and your own router though). You also have the advantage that if you really want to be annoyed at them installing, Comcast has had to make massive improvements in FIOS areas, and cable is all self-install except for multi-room DVR, which is them screwing a little filter on the main splitter.

All providers have promotional deals. I can only dream of having FIOS access. If I move to the Boston area, one of the criteria (not 100% absolute, but a factor) when picking a place will be the availability of VZ FIOS.