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Southington, OH

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Re: What is this guy talking about?

Uh-huh. Lets see you run Snort on that. DD-WRT is great for turning a Linksys into a ghetto managed switch with an access point but it's implementations of just about everything have a lot of bugs in it. Even running Optware your still lacking a lot of features like intrusion detection.

QoS is barely usable when it's not broken. Your lacking the ability to throttle individual IPs or subnets, unless you want to get into some advanced scripting.

Also, unless your running Kong's builds, WAN routing throughput sucks and if you've got more than 50mbps down DD-WRT will be a bottleneck. Tomato is superior in this respect.

Don't get me wrong, it's fine if it works for you. My wireless AP is a E3000 with DD-WRT, but compared to my pfSense box it's a toy. Just because it fits your needs doesn't mean there is no room to improve for users who have the skills or those looking to learn.


Everett, WA
Snort? Why would you run Snort on anything? Most of the rules end up being bogus plus you waste 100MB of memory per monitored interface.