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No-BHELL-ity DOES have its Advantages
START Today!

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reply to Davesnothere

Re: START has a Discussion Forum at DSLR !

It is unfortunate that this thread has changed course so dramastically, IMNSHO.

My original plan was simply to PROMOTE AWARENESS of CHOICE.

(1) START Communications has a DSLR forum with their name on it (official or otherwise is of secondary importance to ME), and

(2) IF you DO want to use it, HERE is HOW....

Whether some of you brought baggage here when it should have been left at the door, and/or whether the uncommon heat of the not-yet-declared-springtime has youse on edge to revisit old issues (and admittedly, one part of me DOES enjoy reading such stuff, though another part feels grumpy that you had to post it in here), might I respectfully ask that y'all please do so in another thread (or forum, if that suits ) and I promise to visit and read it if I get a heads up that a match is ON.

New START Forum ! (on DSLR) »Start Communications

Toronto, ON
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The only reason TekSavvy got their own forum is because there was just a huge amount of threads that just cluttered up Canadian Broadband.

TekSavvy forum has been the most active forum on DSLR for the past couple years.

There were other ISP's before that had good amount of discussions in Canadian Broadband, IGS, iStop, AEI, Magma, etc, etc... None of those ever got their own dedicated forum.
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Pointe-Claire, QC

That ISP I can't name didn't just have a high number of posts in Can Broadband, it had a sustained high number of piosts over a few months.

When an ISP announces a new plan, it does generate some traffic, but it doesn't mean that it will be sustained and that the ISP should be shoved into a separate forum.



said by jfmezei:

but it doesn't mean that it will be sustained and that the ISP should be shoved into a separate forum.

And the only ones who "shoved" them in a separate forum is Ebox themselves by only posting there.

Unless you wish to state someone else shoved them there, which to date you haven't done, but rather only made insinuations and posted nothing else but insinuations.