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No Broadband Available

I'm one of the "non-Adopters", but not by choice.

I live in Loudoun county, Virginia - 50 miles from the White House. Broadband is not available in my neighborhood, as the 2 county providers, Comcast and verizon, choose to not wire my neighborhood. They both have agreements with the county that let them decide where to provide service and keep others from using the right-of-way for cabling. As a result, residents of third-world countries have better internet than I do. I drive my kids to a coffee shop to do their homework assignments that require internet.

What I want from the government to is remove and outlaw anything that restricts competition. No exclusive rights deals with government. No state laws preventing municipalities or cooperatives from providing broadband. No restrictions on who can use right-of-way to run cable. Wireless spectrum should be public and shared. Municipalities should be free to build networks and allow any and all providers to share them to provide service.

The government should not be in the internet business, nor should it subsidize it. However, government should also ensure that nothing can restrict free and open competition. Today, service providers have bought legislation that protects monopolies and eliminates competition.



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Wow, and you live in the second richest county and one of the most affluent counties in the United States ( 2/3 of the top counties are found around DC area. Wow! »www.forbes.com/2011/04/11/americ ··· ton.html). Still, Loudoun County has a LOT of horse land...

Here's a quote from the above mentioned and year old article. There's a new article that shows the same data:
"Nearby Loudoun County, Va., used to be a sleepy rural community just a few decades ago, but in recent years it has become a technology center and a popular Washington suburb. It is now the second-richest county in the nation with median annual household income of $112,021. Another Washington county, Fairfax County, Va., rounds out the top three with annual median household income of $104,259. "

So you live in a technology center and have no broadband available? I'm guessing that you live on a ranch outside of a town.



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...and the previous year (2010) you were in the Wealthiest county in America. »agbeat.com/real-estate-news-even ··· america/

Here's the list in descending order:

Loudoun County, VA
Fairfax County, VA
Howard County, MD
Hunterdon County, NJ
Somerset County, NJ
Fairfax City, VA
Morris County, NJ
Douglas County, CO
Arlington County, VA
Montgomery County, MD
Nassau County, NY
Stafford County, VA
Calvert County, MD
Prince William County, VA
Putnam County, NY
Goochland County, VA
Williamson County, TN
Marin County, CA
Santa Clara County, CA
Forsyth County, GA
Charles County, MD
Summit County, UT
Alexandria City, VA
Chester County, PA
Suffolk County, NY

Oh here's the most recent data:
»www.myfoxdc.com/dpp/money/survey ··· a-021412

Loudoun County ranked first with a median household income of $119,000 a year. Fairfax County came in second with $103,000.
Several other D.C. suburbs followed:
#3 Howard County with 101,771,
#5 Arlington County with $94,986
#7 Stafford County with $94,317
#9 Prince William County with $92,655
#12 Montgomery County with $89,155
Three southern Maryland counties rounded out the list:
#13 Calvert County with $88,862
#14 St. Mary's County with $88,444
#15 Charles County with $87,007

Read more: »www.myfoxdc.com/dpp/money/survey ··· pmF4dshb


Centereach, NY
Goochland? Really?


Toledo, OH
reply to LoudounVA
Exclusive deals on most things are gone. except when it comes to private property MDU deals- the FCC over stepped their boundaries there and they know it. and can NOT force that rule.

also you are free to sign up with ViaSat and you are free to create you own Wireless ISP to serve you and your neighbors. And with that NOBODY is restricting you from competition. They choose NOT to service you do to ROI which is their right.

No such things as monopolies you have choices.


@jeffeory - correct, that Loudoun county. Home to many large datacenters and to the old MCI/UUNET Internet hub. I live just outside a town limit, in a fairly well populated development. Just no broadband service of any kind.

@NWOhio - 2 things wrong with your statement: 1-Satellite is NOT broadband; 2- right of way restrictions DO exist. Under the county agreement, only Verizon and Comcast can run cables on the right-of way (poles, highways,easements, etc.) A new provider would have no way to cable.


Another interesting tidbit on restricted competition.

»www.loudountimes.com/index.php/n ··· penband/

Here's a development (not mine) tied into an agreement that prevents all but one provider from servicing the area. (BTW - they lost the lawsuit...)


reply to LoudounVA
Looks like the issue with OpenBand has caused your area to not have any competition. Otherwise you'd likely have FiOS, Comcast, & or Cox there... With all the tech around, it's really a "dark comedy" happening there...