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Pointe-Claire, QC
reply to aaah truth

Re: START has a Discussion Forum at DSLR !

Went to the "Forums" page. Clicked on the "Ad Hoc Forums" "box".

It took me to:

»(board category #1 no longer exists)

And neither ebox nor start are listed there.

Electronic Box CEO
I think JF's intentions are nowhere as bad as you picture them. JF's has always been colorful and is a great addition to our community. You have to understand the motivation behind all of this.

This man fight hard for telecom industry in the past years and is still standing for the consumers.

I get his half-humor half-truth when he claim new entrants and/or old-fellows will have to hide themselves in a ad-hoc forum. It's basically an open letter to DSLR that there should be better exposure for us and other as well.

Anyways, it's no big deal and there should always be an happy ending. Enjoy the sun, get a beer and let's move forward.

Cheers !
Electronic Box Inc. - Jean-Philippe Béïque

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reply to jfmezei
said by jfmezei:

Went to the "Forums" page. Clicked on the "Ad Hoc Forums" "box".

It took me to:

»(board category #1 no longer exists)

And neither ebox nor start are listed there.

I just ran your test myself.

Indeed there is a list of companies there, but it is very incomplete.

When I was initially trying to help get the other 'Short-List' constructed earlier this year, I also noticed that same list as you did, and ignored it (really ignored ) after one of the Mods showed me the 'Rolodex' and how to get THERE - I had stumbled upon THAT once before when looking at reviews.

Even the 'Rolodex' has a few omissions, as well as likely many more outdated records.

I dunno exactly how all of the databases used by DSLR are structured and linked, but from the Rolodex and a few more individual entries, we DID manage the get the new 'Short-List' happening and THAT is the one which I'm trying to promote, and it is accessible from the CBB forum front page as I posted earlier.


We have only 2 things about which to worry -
(1) That things will never get back to normal
(2) That they already HAVE !
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reply to jfmezei
IN regards to the ad-hock forum, this is true. There are ISP's or voip providers there (like Primus voip) which have no posts for 2 years or one or two posts this year.

Should they even be there?

The stated reason for the Ad-Hock forum is:
One day, one of these forums could grow to be a real forum

I don't think 25% of those forums have a hope in hell since some haven't had a post in 2 years.

Then there is Acanac who has had steady posts in their own forum since teksavvy got their own forum.

DSLr master-mods told them to run in their own forum and if they generate enough hype they may get one. So a few years later, now, they are still there. Yet Ebox who basically only started posting in their own forum the past 1.5 months (as opposed to Acanac who has been posting for a few years) expects to get their own forum before Acanac.

I would find that more than funny if that happened. Biased even. Perhaps even hateful and calculated.

Maybe after Ebox has 6 months or so of posts they will get upgraded to the Ad-Hock forum. Then after a few years maybe a forum, after Acanac gets theirs first since they asked for it like back in 2007 or 2008.

Now that would be fair. Anything else would be very questionable.
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