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Re: [Cable] Frequent disconnects

Did that connection fault show up on your cable tv signal also?


I'm in the west end Ottawa area with Teksavvy's cable service (top unlimited service level) and I get these same disconnects, multiple times a day. The service overall is awesome and better than anything else I've been with, but these periodic disconnects are just annoying.

For me, everything will be fine fast and responsive...then all of a sudden connection is gone. If I am surfing, I sit there with an hourglass waiting for a page refresh, if I am VPN'd into the office it timesout and drops the connection after a few seconds, if I'm in an online game (MMORG)...the client drops connection.

Usually it last almost exactly 30 seconds and then all is back and normal again, occassionally up to a minutes but 95% of the time its for 30 seconds.

Another friend of mine who is on the same Tek Cable service as me, but he is in the downtown Ottawa core...experiences the same thing. However, he has his modem next to his computer whereas mine is in the basement wired into the house network. So he can see his modem when the disconnects happen and in his case, he says when the disconnect happens and he visually looks at the modem...it's doing a reset/reboot.

What the heck is going on?!?


Mtl, Canada
·TekSavvy Cable
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said by ezebob2:

Did that connection fault show up on your cable tv signal also?

At the time, I did not have cable tv.(I do now tho)