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Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ

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reply to Jon Geb

Re: Wired internet is dying

Wireless will never compete with wired until we see some technology breakthroughs that right now we simply do not have the science for. Both technologies are advancing as such wired will always be ahead until wireless can get its latency down.

What we do need is for technology itself to allow more seamless transitions. So if you where say streaming internet radio over wifi to your iphone/android device. you could plug it into your car and drive off and the transition to 3g/4g would be 100% seamless, you would never miss a beat in the song and never even know you had transitioned.(Naturally for cap and overage protection the device software should have seamless transitions shut off automatically as you near your cap for the cell network)

Jon Geb
Wal-Mart Sucks

Howell, MI
Did you see the new WiFi protocol that was introduced to address this very issue. Seemless handoff between WiFi and native cell networks... its based on sim card authentication.

»Authentication-Free Wi-Fi Coming Soon

Milford, NH
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said by Jon Geb:

Seemless handoff between WiFi and native cell networks...

Not sure I understand your argument.

That is an emerging technology that allows cell phone data to transparently move data across the traditional cell phone network and Wi-Fi. It is a clever authentication scheme that will reduce transport cost by removing large amount of traffic off the traditional cellular network and on to Wi-Fi LANs.

How do you think this massive amount of Wi-Fi data is transported? In almost all cases over wired networks.

As Sammer See Profile posted wireless networks are great where mobility is important but that traffic is ultimately transported over wired infrastructure. We need a FTTP infrastructure. Once that is in place high performance wireless using a combination of cellular and Wi-Fi technology is feasible.


Jon Geb
Wal-Mart Sucks

Howell, MI
I think the correct way I should have worded this is that wired consumer internet is dying... End user connections are going completely wireless, exactly why Verizon is trying to distance itself, way too expensive.