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Tina B


[IL] Slow Internet

From what I've read, I take it there has been some recent problems in the central IL area with mediacom internet. After being effectively without internet for most of a couple days, now it sometimes works fine, but most times is varying levels of extremely slow. For example, right now I can't even get the speedtest page to load to see exactly how slow it is.

To be honest, I've never been very happy with our internet performance, but mediacom is pretty much the only game in town where we live. We had a tech come out several months ago and he claimed the problem was too many splitters and he eliminated a couple, but nothing has really improved.

The account is my parents, so I'm not sure exactly how long they have had their current modem, but the thing looks ancient. Anyway, if someone could check and see if you see anything on your end or give me an update on the status of the area wide problem, if that's the issue, I'd appreciate it. I use this connection for work, and I haven't been able to work in about four days now.

I'd be happy to message the account ph# to a tech.


Des Moines, IA
What model of modem do you have? There have been several instances of replacing old equipment that does resolve some speed issues. Also, do you know what speed level you are subscribed to?

PM MediacomChad the account info. He can look at things from the Mediacom end. He has helped countless customers on this site to resolve issues they were having.


reply to Tina B
she'll have to register to send Chad a PM. but that's great advice !

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL
I would love to help