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iFail 5G

reply to N3OGH

Re: A 10 GB cap? What a joke.

said by N3OGH:

It's funny. There's rural, and then their is RURAL.

My sister lives in Whitam, MD. Lower Eastern shore MD between Tillghman Island & St. Michael's. They're pretty much in the middle of nowhere but they have cable & Cable Internet.

From where I sit (outer suburbs of Philadelphia) they live in a pretty rural area.

Then I paid a visit to my friend's house up in the Poconos. Him & his wife plan on moving up these some time next year. Talk about RURAL. They can get a phone, but not much else. His wife works from home, and I can definitely see them ending up with something like this.

As far as the can being the size of a five gallon paint can, I was a bit taken aback by that, but then again, I bet you can put it in your attic...

I know what you mean, Alabama has some RURAL area's like my lake house. It's a beautiful new community with brand new lake front home's, but we can't even get running city water. We have a reverse osmosis filtered well system, septic tank, a road we had to fork out a whole bunch to pave, and pay almost $6000 to run electricity to.

The paint bucket is the least of my worries Look's a lot nicer than the crappy huge dish on my house for internet now.

Yo Soy Col. "Bat" Guano
Philly burbs
Where I live used to be rural. I can see center city Philadelphia from my back deck yet I still have a well & a septic tank.

My well is 700ft deep (no bullshit). So, the water is a little hard, but I just run it through a Zero Water pitcher and it's awesome...
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