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Switching to WOW - couple ?

Been with Time Warner since the dawn of time in Columbus OH, but with some recent issues I've had with them, looking to come over to WOW which is available in my area.

I have a TiVo Premiere, which uses a cable card, which I would believe is available through WOW as well... My question is, does WOW use one of those tuning adapters that connect via coax and USB to the TiVo like Time Warner does? Or is only the cable card required?

The TW tuning adapter is a nightmare to deal with, and needs nightly reboots, or I get Channel Unavailable, so hoping to get away from it.

One thing I have to give them, is the Internet connection has been solid, I'm in Hilliard, OH, and anyone have any info on hownsolidnthe 50/5 is with WOW? It's not uncommon for us to be streaming Netflix to two tvs, while another kid is online playing Xbox.

Just wanted to see others opinions on that since 70% of our tv viewing is streamed, and I personally have never used WOW before.



No tuning adapter. I go coax from wall directly to TiVo with a single M-card just fine. Wow doesn't filter, limit, or mess with your connection in any way. So assuming you have good wiring and signal the 50/5 should be great.

Big Jimmy

reply to Wolf
No tuning adapters on WOW.

I haven't had the 50/5 plan (been on 8/1 and recently 15/1) and they've been rock solid other than a half dozen outages over the past ten years or so. You may not need the full 50/5 plan though; see how much bandwidth each client gobbles up at any given time, and you might be able to get away with the 30/3 and save some bucks.


Naperville, IL

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reply to Wolf
And with Ultra TV and a PlayOn subscription (on sale now - lifetime subscription for $50 one-time fee), you can stream directly to those TVs.

However, I am hoping for a native Netflix app for Ultra TV, since PlayOn (or any other DLNA server) cannot give you HD Netflix (or other services) due to the transcoding (most computers couldn't handle it). Also, then I could add movies to my queue and other stuff like that. Still, PlayOn provides a reasonably seamless integration of these services.

You shouldn't need 50/5. Start with 30/3, and then go from there. CableCARDs are available for lease $3.50 a month. If you don't want Ultra TV and get Digital Signature, you'd be eligible for a discount due to the equipment rental benefit:

$135 Digital TV Signature, 30/3 Internet, Advanced Phone
$5.00 DOCSIS 3.0 Modem
$3.50 CableCARD
-$7.00 Customer Equipment Discount
total price: $136.50 plus tax

subtract $10 if you only want Digital Basic, but all the extra channels is well worth the extra $10
subtract $30 if you don't want phone.
add $13 for HD DVRs, $10 for SD DVRs, $7 for HD receivers

Because of your streaming uses, you may want to consider Ultra TV:

$135 Ultra TV Signature, 30/3 Internet, Advanced Phone
$25 Ultra TV Equipment Package (includes 2 media players)
$3.50 CableCARD
total price: $163.50 plus tax

again, subtract $10 for Ultra TV Basic, and $30 if you don't want phone.
add $15 per media player