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Santa Monica, CA
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reply to nothing00

Re: $1500?

said by nothing00:

Checking the coin box? How many trips out there did they make to collect $3.35 in change? Wouldn't you *know* how much money was in a coin box as well and schedule your trips accordingly? (OK, maybe this technology is too old for something like that.)

But ~$1500 to maintain is definitely the reason large corporations don't pay taxes. There's no way this actually cost them this much but I'm sure that's what they're writing off as an expense thanks to creative accounting and favorable tax loopholes.

Large corporations do pay taxes. Not that they should.

You obviously have never been required to maintain a public facility, be it a drinking fountain, restroom, bus shelter, trash receptacle, parking, lighting, fire protection, alarms, vending machines, or payphones. Public / commons facilities are always vandalized, and they cost real money to repair or replace.


Centereach, NY

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Large corporations do pay taxes? Well, yeah, they file taxes. They don't pay nearly what they should having had loopholes written into the tax code for themselves. Take GE who "pays taxes" to the tune of $0 and in fact receives government money (that would be money that you and I pay in taxes to go directly to their shareholder's pockets) as subsidies.

But sure, they shouldn't pay taxes. Because they're the job creators. All of the low labor cost countries they're shipping jobs off to. And we pay them to do it. Wonderful.

As for the phone booth vandalism. Let's see the bill before assuming anything OK?