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Keene, NH
reply to swintec

Re: TW Maine / New England Wideband Now Avail. & Speed Increases

said by swintec:

New $2.50 monthly modem rental fee though right?

I am glad I purchased my Moto early last month at $80. Between any install fees that would have been charged and rental fee per month I will end up ahead of the game pretty quickly.

Plus not having to wait days or weeks for an install was great.

Wish someone on the 50/5 would come in and comment on it.

I didn't see any rental fee on my bill at all, maybe only for new customers? Of note, the $50 "Home Network Install" was credited back yesterday, and my online account now says $74 due by May 24th.

I also don't/didn't see the point in the 50/5, as the only time i use the download really is for ftping files from my server for periodic backups (MySQL, backing up configs, etc), and those aren't really very large. The upload is quite nice though, if they offered 50/10 it might be more enticing.

Alfred, ME

Weird, it isnt called Extreme Internet on my bill. It says "RoadRunner Extreme 30 Mb".
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